Councilpersons of the world unite

Working in local government, I get quite used to hearing the latest politically correct phrases and buzz-words.  I remember the late Sandy Bruce-Lockhart remonstrating with a facilitator at some conference of another who referred to him as “the Chair of the Local Government Association”.  “A chair is a piece of furniture – I’m the Chairman” – he then went on to list several female Chairman who were equally aggravated at being referred to as either “Chair” or “Chairwoman”.

But recently I received an email that took the biscuit.  It began “Dear Councilperson…” which has to be the most ridiculous title I’ve heard in a long time.  What the hell is wrong with “Councillor”?  Is there a male or female version?

Sent by someone called ‘Mooyeen Klopfenstein’ from the ‘Delaware End-of-Life Coalition’, the email invited me to take part in a webcast of “America’s 16th Annual National Berevement Teleconference”, and since the letter mentioned Kent County in the US, I can only imagine it was sent to me in the County of Kent by mistake.

But “Dear Councilperson”?  Perhaps political correctness gone just a little bit too far?


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