Bulls Place crossing


A footpath connects Belfield Road and Bulls Place to Lower Green Road

Bulls Place is a residential cul-de-sac at the end of Belfield Road, which leads off the main Hastings Road through Pembury in Tunbridge Wells.  It is connected to Lower Green Road, the other main road through the village by a pedestrian pathway.

No pavement at junction of Bulls Place footpath with Lower Green Road

Bulls Place, and Belfield Road are home to a large number of elderly people and young families, many of whom use Lower Green Road to access either shops or indeed Pembury Primary School further down the road. 

Unfortunately, as you will see from the photos, there is no pavement on the Bulls Place side of Lower Green Road at this point, so for safety reasons residents have no option but to cross the road at this point.

Visibility, as again you will see from the photographs, is not good, with overhanging trees adding to a sharp bend in the road to obscure the view.  Many local residents tell me they must cross the road “by ear”, listening for the engines of oncoming traffic.

Visibility is difficult with overhanging tress and a sharp bend in the roadLower Green Road is a long road, relatively straight in parts, which is often used as a ‘rat run’ to Colts Hill avoiding the traffic lights at Woodsgate Corner.  This combination of factors – no pavement on one side of the road; young Mums with pushchairs; elderly residents, some with mobility problems; lack of clear visibility and speeding traffic – leads to a potentially dangerous situation.

Existing dropped kerbs, tactile pavements and road markings indicate a crossing point

The need for a crossing point appears to have already been acknowledged.  As you will see from the photos, there are dropped kerbs with tactile surfaces on both sides of the road and clear parallel road markings indicating a crossing point.

But markings alone are not enough.  Cars approaching this difficult bend wouldn’t have enough time to react if there is a pedestrian – particularly with mobility problems or pushing a toddler in a buggy – in the road as they speed round the corner.

A year or two ago, there was a strong lobby of local residents pushing for a pedestrian crossing outside Pembury Primary School.  The school’s crossing lady had retired and it was felt that a physical crossing was the answer.  After a public meeting and several individual conversations, it was generally agreed that a replacement crossing person was a more appropriate answer.

Here, at the junction with Lower Green Road and the Bulls Place footpath, a physical pedestrian crossing point is not only necessary, but is long overdue.


One Response to Bulls Place crossing

  1. Julie L says:

    As a resident in Maidstone Road I completely agree that Lower Green Road/Maidstone Road is used as a rat run to Colts Hill. However I can guarantee you that I can stand outside my house and most of the people driving in excess of the speed limit are not only resdients of the village but also have children at Pembury School, if the police would like to stand at the end of Maidstone Road late afternoon / early evening I guarantee they would be able to do many local residents for speeding….. I do not believe a Pedistrain crossing at Bulls Place is approriate as it is approached from both directions by a either a bend of a bus stop causing obstruction to drivers visability. I do however think traffic calming would be far more suitable as the speed that cars go up and down Maidstone Road is quiet attonishing.

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