Bradley Wernham – gambling with other people’s property

It’s good to see that British justice is alive and well in the case of Essex teenager Bradley Wernham. Bradley’s voracious kleptomanic urges apparently knew no bounds – he admitted to no less than six hundred and fifty crimes, with the total value of his haul at over a million pounds.

At Bradley’s trial last October, the judge decided not to incarcerate him, but instead arranged for the police to put him in a rent-subsidised flat, offer him training and education, and call to have a chat with him twice a week.

And the result? Bradley was later caught breaking into a house in Essex. He’s now been put away for five years, which at his age doesn’t seem a lot for over a million pounds’ worth of swag.

The judge says he had ‘taken a gamble’ with Bradley’s previous sentence. He certainly had – a gamble with other people’s property.


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