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You can contact Kevin using any of the following:

office: 01622 694270


mobile: 07834 308015



6 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Steve Morton says:

    Hi Kevin
    So how can KCC justify spending £6.5 million in 2006/7 on publicity?

    I thought the money spent on Kent TV was bad enough… seems it was a bit of a drop in the ocean…


  2. Steve Morton says:

    Do you have a named contact person at the Mid Kent Division of Kent Highways? Every time I report lights out or blocked drains, I get a response back that says they have forwarded to the Mid Kent Division. But very often that’s the last we hear…. the lights don’t get repaired, the drains remain blocked and our blood pressure just soars higher and higher at this lack of action….


  3. kevinlynes says:

    Try going to and typing “Mid Kent Highways” in the Search box.

  4. Steve Morton says:

    Hi Kevin
    You appear to have some duplicate posts on your blog?

  5. Steve says:

    £50 million?

    Anyone seen our £50 million?

    Have you got it? I will check my account tomorrow to see if they have put it there…. is there a reward??


  6. walter davis says:

    Dear Kevin
    Do you remember me from the drop-in Margate. Since I saw you I haue been to Canterbury on the bus twice and i have a bus pass now. I enjoyed going to Canterbury and I am going again on 30th October We are putting on a Variety Show on the 19th November and we would like to invite you along.

    Walter Davis
    Joint Chair
    Drop-In Committee

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