£250,000 to change Venables’ identity – yes or no?

Along with probably most of the rest of the population, I was unsurprised to hear that Jon Venables had committed further offences following his release from jail. I was surprised to hear though that the offences related to collation and distribution of child porn images.

Venables, one of the murderous young torturers of toddler Jamie Bulger a decade or two ago, is now twenty seven, and was committed this week for trial at the Old Bailey.

On his release from prison, Venables was given a new identity, at great cost to the taxpayer. Now, it seems, he is to be given a further new identity with the price tag – at around a quarter of a million pounds – to be borne by us all again.

At a time when Governments seem keen to involve the public in making decisions, I wonder whether the taxpayer would agree that protecting Jon Venables from vengeance was a good way to blow another £250,000?


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