Pembury buses – a lifeline for the new Hospital

At today’s meeting of the KCC Cabinet, I took the opportunity to make a plea to prevent £331,000 in funding being cut for bus route improvements to Pembury.

I made the point that, at a time of hot debate about reprovision of women’s and children’s services from Maidstone Hospital to Pembury, it seems perverse to cut funding which would improve access to the new hospital when it opens in 2012.

It’s already been acknowledged that the amount of car parking at the new hospital will be wholly insufficient, so driving there is less practical – even if you could get along the A21 or up Colts Hill. And at a time when public transport seems to be the only way to ease our congested roads, this investment is crucial to give fair access to services whether or not you can afford a car.

I’m pleased to say that my plea was heard, and rather than being cut, the £331,000 will be slipped to next year’s budget, by which time I’ll fight to ensure it’s on the high priority list.


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