The 2010 KEIBAs – a sense of pride in our business success

Last week I was thrilled to be able to present the Kent Excellence In Business Awards – the KEIBAs – for the second year running.  Last year’s inaugural event at Leeds Castle was so well supported, both in attendance and in the number of entries, that it seemed impossible to surpass.  But the 2010 KEIBAs, held in the BIG space at Chatham Historic Dockyard.

The evening began with a champagne reception on board the 19th century HMS Gannet.  Then, before an audience of four hundred and fifty business people from across Kent, and following a welcome from Geraldine Allinson, Chairman of the KM Group and myself, presenter Barbara Sturgeon introduced the eleven awards, including an “Outstanding Contribution to the Business Community of Kent” award for Douglas Horner, the quiet lawyer who by his own admission prefers to work ‘in the shadows’, yet who has made such a vital and lasting difference to business life in Kent.

In these recessionary times it’s gratifying to know that in Kent at least, there’s a sense of pride in our business success.  It’s that pride that will ensure we’re best placed to emerge from these dark days sooner, and stronger than many other locations.

(click on the image above to watch a KEIBA video from the KM’s Trevor Sturgess)


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