Sandhurst Road – two down, one to go

You may remember my anger at the possibility of losing £30,000 in developer money which was intended for road safety at the foot of Sandhurst Road (“£30,000 Windfall For Safety on Sandhurst Road? Hand It Back””, April 23rd 2009).  Borough Councillor Frank Williams and I protested in strong terms at the subsequent Joint Transportation Board meeting, and work eventually proceeded on the much-needed pedestrian crossing over Sandhurst between Clifton Road and Oak Road.

The works were completed within timescale, and the crossing was ready to use.  The only remaining element was to turn on the lights, but that proved more complicated than anyone thought, and has remained unresolved for weeks.  So I was delighted to attend a meeting in Sherwood last evening where local residents were delighted to tell me that their new lights were working.  After the meeting we walked down Sandhurst Road and took this picture in celebration!

So that’s two down and one to go – we now need a pedestrian crossing near to the top of Sandhurst at its junction with Pembury Road.  Watch this space.


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