Robert Green – how bad must he feel today?

I think we all sat down to the opening England game last night expecting some degree of nerves from players on both sides.  For the USA, something of a David and Goliath match against Gerrard’s team of Rooney, Lampard, Heskey et al.  For our side, their first outing of the tournament and a chance to disprove the critics who felt Capello’s squad had been singularly uninspiring in their training sessions.

But the excitement of a magical fourth minute goal from Steven Gerrard was followed by a further half hour of missed opportunities as shot after shot sailed high or wide.  Then it came – USA’s Clint Dempsey fired and Robert Green appeared singularly unprepared, getting his hands on the ball then letting it slowly, frustratingly roll backwards across the line, towards an unexpected one all draw in the first group game.

“As I said to the other guys in the media, it’s how you bounce back from that…” – the words of England goalkeeper Robert Green interviewed by Telegraph TV after the match.  Presumably not bouncing back towards the net?


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