My near miss in Sutton Valance

Driving from County Hall to Tenterden on Tuesday I passed through Sutton Valence, when I rounded a bend and was brought to a halt by an approaching ‘Wide Load’ – two huge lorries each carrying a mobile building.  Since I was the last car in the queue and was on a blind bend, I put my hazard lights on.  Sure enough, a few seconds later a red car rounded the corner, saw me and braked a short distance behind me.

I carried on listening to Alicia Keys on the stereo while the lorries passed me, then looked in my mirror before moving off.  The red car which had pulled up behind me was now beside my car, its back end smashed to pieces by a white car which had clearly hurtled around the bend and shunted it off the road.  The driver of the white car – its bonnet bend in half by the impact – was being helped out of her vehicle by local residents who had run out of their houses to help.

I could offer nothing as a witness since I had neither heard nor seen the accident, but I felt fortunate indeed that mine was not the undriveable car in the ditch with no back end.


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