BKB – still Backing Kent Business

Yesterday was an interesting one, as my eldest daughter spent the day shadowing me through my day’s work.  I was keen to make sure that my day was just like any other so she got a true impression of what my job was like.  It began at 6am when we left for Maidstone Ramada Hotel and a breakfast meeting of the Backing Kent Business steering group.

I stood down as Chairman some months ago in favour of Jo James, Chief Executive of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.  Jo is an energetic and formidable leader of this group, and alongside colleagues from the Institute of Directors, Federation of Small Businesses, Business Link Kent, Channel Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Kent, the Backing Kent Business programme has gone from strength to strength.

It’s a particular pleasure to see that the group is delivering real solutions to the problems faced by Kent’s business community.  Some time ago, an idea emerged from the group to create an online supply chain database for Kent’s emerging windpower industry.  Kent County Council put in some funding, and the product was ready for launch at yesterday’s London Array event.

As the recession begins to ease, the Backing Kent Business campaign may be nearing the end of its original purpose.  But its real success lies in the partnership behind its steering group, and their continued focus on the opportunities available to Kent’s business community.


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