Volunteering isn’t for everybody I suppose

On Saturday morning I went over to the TN2 Centre on Greggs Wood Road for a very special reason.  For the third year running I was joining a group of friends and colleagues to take part in the Sherwood Litter Pick.  Residents, councillors and staff from other organisations come together to ‘get our hands dirty’ by walking around the estate and filling bin liners with rubbish.  It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, I know, but the theory is that if we keep doing it often enough maybe the amount of rubbish will start to fall as pride in the area rises.

And yesterday that theory began to become reality – as was evidenced by the number of black bags we managed to fill up, which was much lower than last year!

I never cease to be amazed though, at the behaviour of a small number of individuals.  As I walked around to the back of one of the blocks of flats, I saw a couple leaning over their ground floor balcony, stubbing out their cigarettes and throwing them onto the grass under their window, to add to what must have been hundreds of dog ends that they’d clearly been throwing for months.  I walked around picking up cans, bottles and waste paper while they watched me.

“Excuse me” they called, and I hoped against hope that they might actually want to say sorry for using the gardens as an ashtray or, perish the thought, offer to help clear up.  “Would you pick our cigarette lighter up for us?” they called, pointing to the grass below their window.

Volunteering isn’t for everybody I suppose…


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