Sarah Ferguson – either way, it’s disgraceful

I suspect all the national dailies will be covering to greater or lesser degree today’s News of the World latest ‘sting’ operation (click here to open the link).  Through two meetings in New York and a £220 lunch in London, their reporter allegedly managed to induce Sarah Ferguson to offer to effect an introduction to Prince Andrew, currently an ambassador for UK Trade and Industry, as long as the Indian businessman paid her £500,000.

It’s easy to question whether the quotes attributed to Ms Ferguson are true, but as you’ll see from the NOTW website, they’ve all been captured on film.  The filming apparently lasted late into the night, and Sarah Ferguson sounds like she’s had a bit to drink, so one could question whether she meant to say much of what she actually came out with.

But either way, it’s disgraceful.


One Response to Sarah Ferguson – either way, it’s disgraceful

  1. largeamericano says:

    Disgraceful indeed. The NOTW and other down market newspapers should concentrate on those ‘celebrities’ who deserve exposure (including many MPs!) rather than a sad naive woman like Sarah Ferguson.

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