It was only a matter of time…

It’s only been a few days, and already the Mail on Sunday is running more than a fair share of stories on ‘the truth’ about the coalition negotiations.  It seems the Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander – now the Scottish Secretary – who ran Nick Clegg’s negotiating team reported back to his party that “The Tories are ditching policies faster than they can list them”.  Liberal Democrat Lord Greaves suggests the Conservatives used the coalition negotiations as an excuse to drop policies which appeased the hard right of the Conservative party.

Conservative MP Philip Davies suggests that five Cabinet jobs for the Liberal Democrats – one in ten of their total MPs – is ‘absurd’, whilst Norman Tebbit warns that once the Tory right wingers realise they have been let down, “…many will stop canvassing, stop raising money and go back to running their own lives”.

Whatever the truth is, it seems there are many on both sides who would happily see a collapse of the coalition.  I guess it was only a matter of time.

(to read the article in today’s Mail on Sunday, click here)


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