Government change? No change

Perhaps after all the hype, after all the to’ing and fro’ing, the waiting may be nearly over.  After a nail-biting General Election last week, we awoke on Friday to the news that nothing much had changed.  Gordon Brown was still in residence at Number 10, David Cameron despite having won fifty two more seats than Labour, was still the Leader of the Opposition.  Nick Clegg seemed to hold all the cards – on taxation, on school funding, on electoral reform.  It now transpires that whilst he and his negotiating team were thrashing out a possible deal with David Cameron and the Conservatives, they were also thrashing out a possible deal with Gordon Brown and the Labour Party.

But today, as the nation held its breath, just as it was in danger of descending into farce, it seems as though we may have a solution.  The BBC News website has been a main communication plank throughout, and as you’ll see from their ‘live event’ web page, BlogMeister Iain Dale filed an entry at eleven minutes past four which stated “Been giving speech in St Stephens Club. Aborted. Room being prepared for imminent Cameron press conference according to staff.”

At Number 10, there was excitement among the press when cases were removed – were they Gordon Brown’s? Alistair Darling’s? No.  They belonged to a police officer.  And so the suspense continues, although with a LibDem internal party briefing at 7.30pm and a Conservative internal party briefing at 8pm, it seems pretty odds-on that we’ll see an ‘election newsflash’ this evening.


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