Never let facts get in the way of self-publicity

I was driving along the Pembury Bypass last week on my way to help with canvassing, when I was overtaken by a Rover with UKIP flags stuck on its roof and posters in its windows.  Its numberplate proudly displayed the initials of the only person in Tunbridge Wells odd enough to drive around in a car like this – Vic Webb, the UKIP’s Parliamentary candidate for Tunbridge Wells.

And I see from this week’s Kent on Sunday that Mr Webb continues his rantings with an outburst directed at Kent County Council.  Though it’s hard to see the point of Mr Webb’s comments, they appear to be directed towards the County Council’s staffing numbers – 44,000, according to Webb.  “If cuts need to be made…” he says “…KCC should look to its own housekeeping.”

Mr Webb appears to be unaware of the savings made at KCC, including the twenty five percent reductions in corporate staff which I and my colleagues made just a few years ago to save money and provide more cash for frontline services.

Still, never let facts get in the way of self-publicity…


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