Manish Sood – with friends like this…

“I believe Gordon Brown is the worst Prime Minister we have had in this country”. “All the policies he is bringing in are a total disaster”.  Strong words indeed from any political opponent.  And yet these comments have been made by one of Labour’s own Parliamentary candidates.  Manish Sood, a Leicester City Councillor, is standing for Labour in the constituency of North West Norfolk where incumbent Conservative MP Henry Bellingham, a barrister and old Etonian, beat his Labour opponent Damien Welfare back in 2005 with a majority of over nine thousand and a turnout of sixty one percent.

In a series of increasingly outspoken comments to the media, Mr Sood claims that Mr Brown is “a disgrace” and that Labour ministers are “corrupt”.  Bizarrely, despite declaring Mr Sood’s remarks as “dreadful”, the national Labour Party has not seen fit to withdraw the party whip, and thus Mr Sood will still be standing on Thursday as an official Labour candidate.  Apparently the Labour Party tried to deselect Mr Sood, but this ‘foundered on a technicality’.

Even more odd? David Collis, Chairman of North West Norfolk Constituency Labour Party is quoted as saying that “Manish has been divorced from this campaign for some time”.  What campaign?  My brother-in-law who lives in the constituency has over the years helped Henry Bellingham in his election campaigns to great effect.  Perhaps I should ring him to suggest they recruit Mr Sood, as he’s clearly not interested in fighting Labour’s corner.

(to read the BBC News Election 2010 coverage of this story click here)

(to read the story in The Telegraph online, click here)


3 Responses to Manish Sood – with friends like this…

  1. Arnold Peabody says:

    Mr Sood’s comments demonstrate his severe lack of knowledge/understanding of the financial meddling that caused so much disruption. Until the public understand the root cause they will not appreciate exactly what Mr Brown has achieved for them – more importantly how his actions have protected them and their country.

    Why do you suppose there has been a campaign against Mr Brown from the beginning? Who is behind it? Who would gain by his removal from government?
    I suggest the same conglomerate who manipulated the Bond market.
    We must pay our politician much more , so that we attract the very best brains

  2. Nilsson says:

    The constituency is NW Norfolk (Kings Lynn, Hunstanton etc), not N Norfolk which is a Lib Dem seat.

    Sood is a primary school teacher in Leicester and a paper candidate in Norfolk. He combines admiration for Michael Foot’s socialism with calls for the Queen to have more power and for the death penalty to be restored. His own man, evidently.

  3. Steve says:

    Manish Sood
    This bloke is so sick!
    He thinks LABOUR represents Labour.
    Get a life loser!

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