Brown/Clegg – buy one, get one free

When I’m out canvassing, I’ll often see signs outside houses intended to stop the avalanche of junk mail which hits our letterboxes day in, day out.  I usually regard election leaflets as outside of the ‘junk mail’ definition, since the householder will need this information from all parties to make up their mind which way to vote. Indeed, last night in Pembury we canvassed one side of a road and by the time we came back down the other side, one quick-witted householder had actually made a sign and sellotaped it to the window which said “No Political Canvassers”!

But this week, for the first time I discovered a postbox which in addition to the ‘No free papers, circulars or junk mail’ request specifically forbade ‘takeaway restaurant menus or party political leaflets.

At a time when all parties seem to be searching for the golden key to unlock their mass appeal, I suppose we should be flattered that political parties are now regarded in the same way as Domino’s Pizza or The Balti Palace.

The nightmare scenario is surely a Brown/Clegg coalition where we ‘buy one, get one free’?


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