The Great Debate – round one to Clegg

Well then – that was the debate that was! Or at least, the first of three debates between Brown, Cameron and Clegg.

It seemed like a bit of an anti-climax, as each of the three was so rehearsed, so slick, that at times they all sounded similar. All tried a little too hard to name to locations of their recent visits; all summed up with the names of those who had asked questions.

But did we really get a sense of what life would be like under each party? Not really. Because we really didn’t hear detailed policies, just aspirations.

It was difficult, of course, because Gordon Brown had to suggest solutions to many of the problems he himself had created. Nick Clegg tried a little too hard to be the ‘honest broker’, piously distancing himself from the two main parties.

The “instant panel” of viewers scoring the live debate scored Nick Clegg on top, and a survey of 4000 people reiterated that Clegg was the overall winner with 43% of the vote, with Cameron at 26% and Brown at 20%.

Asked who would be most trusted to make public sector cuts, Cameron and Clegg were equal, whilst the Conservatives were thought by 37% to have the best policies on immigration.

I wonder how the three will perform in the second live debate? Time, and the electorate, will tell.


One Response to The Great Debate – round one to Clegg

  1. Paul Francis says:

    Come on Kevin – who won, in your opinion?!

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