Fit – but not yet well?

Just when employers thought there was no more bureacracy to bog them down, enter the ‘Fit Note’. It seems that from today, your doctor will no longer sign you off as unfit for work, but instead will ‘suggest’ work which you could do whilst you get better.

Examples of changes which your employer could make might be ‘moving your work station to the ground floor’ if it hurts when you move around; maybe asking colleagues to bring your work to you?

It appears that sickness in the workplace costs the UK economy a hundred billion pounds a year. But this nonsense is more likely to increase this pressure, with the cost of trying out this latest bright idea falling back on hard-pressed businesses.

It’s a daft waste of time that can only lead to arguments and bad feeling. Can Government policy advisers really identify nothing more critical than this just weeks before a General Election?


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