Cheating at school admissions

At Monday’s meeting of the KCC Cabinet, my colleague Sarah Hohler gave an account of this year’s process for primary and secondary school admissions.

At this time of year, County Councillors up and down the country assist parents with appeals if their children are refused a place at their school of choice. It’s often a more acute issue in Kent because many look to gain one of the limited grammar school places.

I asked though if the system had tightened up on those parents who try to “cheat” the system by entering a false address on their form, or in some cases actually rent a property nearer the school than their actual address to appear more ‘local’ against the entry criteria.

I was gratified to hear that schools are far more rigorous in checking that families actually live at the stated address, and that when some claim they ‘will be moving’ to a given address, are asked for a letter of confirmation from their solicitor.

Having been through this myself a couple of years ago, I can confirm that there’s enough pressure to resolve your child’s future education without having to navigate around others who break the rules.


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