Labour budget cuts are history

I was surprised to read that, in an effort to balance yet Labour Government funding cuts, the University of East Sussex have begun to hack into their curriculum.  As part of their ‘reshaping’ agenda, academics have decided that in future there will be no teaching of pre-1700 history.

So no Roman Empire, no Vikings, no Tudors.  If they follow that logic, perhaps the cuts could get so bad that all history might start with Gordon Brown?

After all, he did save the world…didn’t he?


One Response to Labour budget cuts are history

  1. Neil Baker says:

    It has also been suggested the European history at East Sussex will be all post-1900. Which would make anything that happened around the world between 1700 and 1900 interesting to teach.

    Could we have the War of 1812 only taught from the side of the United States? Would the reign of Queen Victoria be written out of history, except when Australia, Canada, India, etc., are mentioned?!

    Joking aside, the idea of teaching “cut-down” history is wrong. Is the subject soon going to become “the things that happened in the past and are cheap enough to tell you about”? I hope not!

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