‘Gatecrashing’ the Chairman’s year

After a breakfast meeting with businesses, and a day driving around Kent to attend and chair various meetings I made my way down to Broadstairs for an evening reception at Thanet College.  I had felt really quite shattered when I started my journey, but when I got there I was pleased I’d travelled down.  It was KCC Chairman John Davies’ East Kent Reception – a rare opportunity for Kent County Council to say ‘thank you’ to those wh0o work so hard every day to make Kent the county it is.  And it’s also a chance for colleagues from across the public, private and voluntary sectors to meet and strike up new, and often productive relationships.

John Davies has been particularly gracious this year in allowing his term of office to be somewhat ‘hijacked’ by my Backing Kent Business campaign, and at each of his receptions I’m given a chance to set out the challenges and the solutions.

It’s also been fascinating to share the platform with Amanda Cottrell, Patron of Produced in Kent and Chairman of Visit Kent.  She’s a wonderful character and just oozes enthusiasm for Kent and its people, and uses her speaking slots at these functions to extol the audience to “Buy Kentish” and explore the wonderful secrets we have on our own doorstep.

But special thanks go to County Councillor John Davies for allowing us to ‘gatecrash’ his year in office to such good effect.  Kent County Council is fortunate indeed to have his services as Chairman.


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