Shock! Horror! Bumper cars bump into each other

I took my youngest daughter down to Hastings at the weekend while her older sister went on a ‘cookout’ with her Guide troop.  We walked along a freezing cold beach with an icy wind blowing away the cobwebs; we warmed up with sickly-sweet hot chocolate; we dined on fish and chips dripping with tomato ketchup.

And then we went to “The Stade” – the amusements and rides down on the front.  Having cashed up ten pounds worth of tokens, my daughter’s first choice was to ride the dodgems, so we went there first.  And I was amazed to see that the overbearing health and safety culture has finally reached our quintessential seaside towns – with signs all around the dodgems reading “CAUTION – due to the nature of this ride possibility of whiplash and grazing from harness”.

I thought the whole point of bumper cars was that they bump? What’s next? Maybe the Waltzer needs a sign saying “CAUTION – cars spin round and round so danger of dizziness”.


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