Vote For Change – in the way we campaign

With the Conservative Spring Conference opening today in Brighton, rumours are rife that an announcement will be made on Monday about a General Election on March 25th.

The Conservatives are presenting a clear choice to the nation under the banner “Vote For Change” – but the way in which the media have presented this seems to be as a stark choice between David Cameron, or five more years of Gordon Brown.  Labour are using a poster campaign to target George Osbourne, with a typically unsubtle “Chancer not Chancellor” theme.

I was struck when I watched BBC’s Breakfast News yesterday morning by an interview with members of the public, where a young girl claimed she had voted Labour for years, but since they appeared only to be running down their opposition she would be looking elsewhere to vote.  It would be a shame for our national parties to campaign simply using personal issues – surely this type of approach will simply swell the ranks of “none of the above”.

Hopefully once the campaigns get underway in earnest the public will see some detail around policies so they can make up their own minds.


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