A litany of neglect and ineffectiveness

I reported earlier in this blog that the latest Conservative poster campaign on Brown’s “death tax” has caused furore in the Labour front benches.  Hot on its heels comes the next salvo from the Conservatives, David Cameron’s latest ‘Labour’s Two Nations’ document.

It appears that the figures quoted by the Conservatives regarding pregnancy rates in those under eighteen years old were misquoted – in the most deprived areas around 5.4 percent of girls under eighteen are likely to become pregnant, whilst this figure falls to 1.9 percent in the least deprived wards.  The original text of the document claimed this figure was fifty four percent, and therefore over half of girls under-eighteen found themselves pregnant.

In the frenetic rush to bring out this document, the veracity of these figures was clearly overlooked.  But the fact still remains – the priorities of this Labour government have been somewhat skewed, and real issues like  teenage pregnancy rates, like elderly care, like worklessness have not received the focus which they deserve.

It doesn’t excuse the publication of incorrect statistics of course, but now that the document has been corrected it still highlights a litany of neglect and ineffectiveness from a national government who claimed for over a decade that they knew better.


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