When is a passport photo not a passport photo?

I needed to replace my passport this week, so I got the form from the Post Office in Maidstone, then walked across the road from County Hall and got my passport shots from the photobooth inside Maidstone East station.  I got them signed on the back and took the whole lot back to the Post Office yesterday afternoon to get it all processed.  “Everything’s fine” said the young man behind the counter “but they may well ask for new photos.”

When I enquired as to the problem, he told me “They’re too shadowy – the lighting isn’t good.”

I told him I got them done at the Maidstone East photobooth, to which he replied that that particular machine isn’t up to scratch, but thet I should have gone to ‘Snappy Snaps’ instead.

But when the machine proudly proclaims ‘Passport Compliant’, why can’t the Post Office get it turned off, or better still, repaired before more people waste £4 and a whole lot of time on pictures which the Post Office know won’t be of any use?

Sounds like a job for Trading Standards to me…


One Response to When is a passport photo not a passport photo?

  1. John says:

    If you have a digital photo about you then you can create valid passport photos with http://www.idphoto4you.com website.

    It uses face detection to set size and position of

    Use flash and two lamps for bright photo!!!

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