What new madness is this?

What new madness is this? After her ludicrous comments about “Lehman Sisters”, Leader of the House of Commons Harriet Harman MP now wants to officially ban the use of the term ‘Chairman’ – instead replacing it with “Chair” (I thought many people did that anyway without La Harman’s helpful inteference?) or, worse still, “Occupant of The Chair”.

Enough is enough.  As if there aren’t enough important matters for our Government to attend to in what may well be their dying days, we have to fund this kind of nonsense through our taxes.  As Parliament slowly tries to rebuild its shattered reputation in the wake of the expenses scandal, Harriett Harman is in an enviable position since as an ‘inner-London MP’ with her constituency in Peckham, she is unable to claim second home expenses, and has remained relatively ‘clean’ whilst others have been forced to resign from their seats.

Ms Harman would therefore do well to concentrate on the issues that really matter to real people, and not trivialise the very system for which she stands.


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