Something about turkeys and Christmas?

The media this week seems to be full of aggrieved and affronted Members of Parliament telling us how unfair it is to be asked to repay expenses. Today saw the Crown Prosecution Service bringing criminal charges against several peers and MPs across the political divide. Read the story on Times Online by clicking this link.

Whilst clearly some of our peers and Parliamentarians may have been caught with their snouts in the trough by claiming repayments for non-existent mortgages, or by ‘flipping’ first homes, one can’t help but have some sympathy for those who claim that they followed to the letter a system which has since been discredited.

But for Sir Thomas Legg’s inquiry to have found 364 MPs who, in his view, should pay back around £1,120,000 the rules were clearly flawed in the first place.

But who was in the best position to change the rules? Something about turkeys and Christmas?


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