Student Maintenance Loans – go to the top of the class

It was a sad day for education in this country when students were told they would receive student loans which had to be repaid.  Despite the promises that they didn’t have to begin paying off the loans until they were earning more than £15,000, for some it made the difference between going to university and not.

However, at least their accommodation and living costs would be funded through a Maintenance Grant – those eligible would receive a ‘loan’ which didn’t actually have to be repaid.  I’m sure many breathed a sigh of relief.  But it seems that this year, the Government have decided to “freeze” this year’s level of grant.  So whilst rent and other expenses – particularly in the current climate – will rise, the wherewithal to pay for them won’t.

Higher Education Minister David Lammy MP said “difficult decisions” had to be made in the current climate.

What an impressive judgement call – throw billions at financial institutions who still behave in pretty much the same way as they did when they were in crisis, but freeze the cash our talented young people need to live whilst they get an education.

Brilliant! Go to the top of the class – though there may be quite a lot of space when you get there.


One Response to Student Maintenance Loans – go to the top of the class

  1. William says:

    Love those student discount and free student stuff. Can’t imagine how much a year I save on everything with them 😛

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