What’s a majority of two doctors?

Why is it that so often when you don’t feel well, it’s at a day or a time when you can least get assistance? I started with toothache on Saturday morning, which by early Sunday morning had me on the ceiling. Fortunately, I called DentaLine and was seen by a dentist in Tunbridge Wells by late morning.

I consider myself lucky – particularly when I read that in Suffolk, the Out Of Hours GP service ‘Take Care Now’ provides just three GPs for a total population of around six hundred thousand. This weekend the news broke that on some evenings staff sickness reduced this to just two doctors – that’s one doctor for 300,000 residents.

A Suffolk NHS spokesman is said to have commented that “…people in Suffolk who need care out of hours are seen by experienced clinicians, the majority of whom are Suffolk GPs”.

What’s a majority of two doctors then?


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