Labour, half truths and game playing – will he or won’t he?

I see from this weekend’s papers that Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has ‘accidentally’ let slip a date of May 6th for a General Election.  In an interview with Sky News he commented that the British public would rue the day if they wind up with a Conservative government after May 6th.

Wily pundits are foressing Mr Ainsworth’s comments – akin to Europe Minister Chris Bryant’s comment a few weeks ago giving the same date – as a ploy.  They feel the comments are intended to lull Conservatives into preparing for a May date in line with local Borough and District polls, only for Gordon Brown to spring an earlier date on the nation.

Interesting tactic.  The level of cynicism is staggering, as Labour clearly feels David Cameron’s Conservatives can be sidestepped in precisely the same way as Gordon Brown has sought to finesse the British public for the last few years with half-truths and game playing.

All of which demonstrates without doubt why Mr Brown should go to the polls at the earliest date possible.


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