Iain Dale – a blogging masterclass

I attended a meeting last week of the Conservative Group at Kent County Council, where we spent an afternoon discussing various current issues – a fairly regular occurrence given the changing times in local government.  What marked this meeting out as different though, was that we were fortunate to have Iain Dale with us.

Iain, as many of you will know already, is something of a legend in blogging circles, both for his massively successful Iain Dale’s Diary and for his ‘West Ham Till I Die’ football blogsite.  Iain spared us an hour or two to explain the benefits of blog and web sites to Kent’s Conservative County Councillors in the run up to local and national elections.

He was extremely gracious in mentioning this blogsite as a reasonable example of blogging for a local councillor, for which I am grateful.  Will the session make a fundamental difference to the number of Conservative KCC Councillors using blogs and wbesites as a key communication tool? Maybe not.  But if only one or two use technology as a means to communicate to those whom they represent, it will be of huge benefit to their constituents.

Thanks Iain for sparing us both your time and your expertise.


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