Government Insecurity?

I was stunned to see that two terror suspects have appealed against in the High Court against control orders intended to restrict their movements on the basis that they were unlawful.

Not only did the presiding judge, Mr Justice Silber, agree and declare the orders unlawful – and set aside the orders – but also agreed that the imposition of the orders was unlawful, but that the human rights of the two suspects had been breached for the last three and a half years, and that they were entitled to compensation through the courts.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson was said to be “very disappointed” and would appeal immediately against the judgement.

Whilst it’s very easy at first sight to join the baying mob against this judgement, perhaps the Government should have allowed the security agencies in this country to get on with the job of anti-terrorism, rather than trying to micromanage their jobs and drown them in paperwork and bureacracy?

(read the Times Online stoty in full by clicking on this link)


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