Wootton Bassett and Brown’s defence cuts

I was intrigued by today’s announcement that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has now agreed to give evidence before the Chilcot Inquiry ahead of the General Election.

He had previously announced that he would appear only after the election, raising cries of “foul” from opposition members. But with Jack Straw, Tony Blair and now Geoff Hoon all giving their side of the story, clearly Mr Brown’s position – as on so many other issues – is becoming untenable.

Interestingly, ex-Defence Secretary Hoon landed some stinging blows on the PM in his capacity as Chancellor at the time of the war.

Yesterday’s news footage showed more bodies in hearses being driven through the crowded streets of Wootton Bassett. This story was preceded by coverage of Mr Hoon’s claims that Gordon Brown’s Treasury refused adequate funding for the military, denying them equipment which “would just be coming into service now”.

The relevance of these two linked stories won’t go unnoticed by the British public.


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