Sandhurst Road will be an even safer place

Those of you making your way through Sherwood may have found it a little inconvenient that you’ve not been able to get down Sandhurst Road from its junction at the Robin Hood.  I’ve had several enquiries from local residents, and for information I thought I’d explain and post a detailed sheet from Kent Highways.

Locals will recall the successful campaign we fought last year to get a pedestrian crossing on Sandhurst Road (see “Open at Last – our Sandhurst Crossing”, July 12th).  But whilst it was great to finally make this road safer for pedestrians, we wanted another nearer down towards the bottom of Sandhurst Road.  Borough Councillor Frank Williams and I argued and lobbied at the Tunbridge Wells Joint Transportation Board, and asked for another crossing to be installed using the developer contributions from the Connaught housing development on the old gasworks site (see “£30,000 for Sandhurst Traffic Calming – let’s hope we don’t miss the deadline”, 20th October 2009).  Time was running out and Frank and I asked highways officers to work up a scheme urgently before the money had to be given back.

So whilst it’s a little inconvenient for the next few weeks, Kent Highways will be working on the roundabout at the bottom of Sandhurst Road where it joins North Farm and Upper Grosvenor Roads.  This work will realign Sandhurst Road as it passes through the railway bridge, adding also road markings and a cycleway, and finally a Toucan and Zebra crossing.

I’ve attached the detailed sheet here with contact details, but in the meantime, sorry for any inconvenience although Sandhurst Road will be an even safer place once this work is finished!


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