It’s not over until the thaw…

After the pre-Christmas snows in Kent, County Councilors’ mailboxes were full of messages from residents asking why Kent Highways Services appeared to have been ‘caught on the hop’ as so many residential roads and pavements had not been gritted. 

The truth is, Kent Highways Services did precisely what they were supposed to.  They have an emergency contingency plan which was executed without fault – they ensured that in the run up to Christmas all major roads into town centres were ploughed and gritted, and that as a next priority the transport routes into our hundreds of schools were also open.

Despite this, we put extra resource on standby given this week’s forecasts, and I was pleased to begin getting messages of thanks from residents, who said our Highways staff had been for the most part a model of efficiency.  From my personal perspective I was pleased to see that although there was thick snow falling this afternoon, even side roads off the A21 were totally clear – as you can see from this picture. 

But it’s not over until the thaw, and we must all work together to make our roads and footpaths safe.

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