£130,000,000 and 120,000 tons of CO2 – wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

In the first week of December I published a post about the environmental cost of herding world leaders together for the Copenhagen summit (Burning to travel to Copenhagen, Dec 7).  The post elicited comments from those who felt Kent County Council should look at its own CO2 usage in bringing together elected members from across Kent to meetings of full council.

Fair point, well made.  But now that the figures are out, I doubt even Kent County Council’s eighty four members could come close to the Copenhagen carbon footprint.  The eleven day bunfight – from 7th to 18th December 2009 – brought together leaders from across the globe to attempt to forge a post-Kyoto agreement on global warming, in an attempt to prevent any temperature rise above 2 degrees Centigrade.

When it was all totted up, the summit generated more than one hundred and twenty thousand tons of CO2 – three times the figure which had been first predicted.  The Mail on Sunday calculated that this was the equivalent of a jumbo jet flying one hundred times around the Earth, and was more than the entire populations of either Malta or Iceland generated during the same period.

It also appears that the summit cost around £130,000,000 to produce the square root of – absolutely nothing.

(for The Guardian’s excellent guide to the Copenhagen Summit, click here)


One Response to £130,000,000 and 120,000 tons of CO2 – wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

  1. Paul Francis says:

    It must have been all that hot air our leaders were producing. Still, I agree – shocking figures especially given that nothing terribly meaningful came out of the summit. Although I can’t help noting that in terms of outcomes, there is a rather striking similarity with many KCC full council meetings!

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