3D movies – what comes next?

I was interested to read recently that 2009 was a unique year for movies, in that every major motion picture studio had a 3D film on release.  Ice Age from 20th Century Fox, Monsters vs Aliens from Dreamworks; G-Force from Disney – all had cinemas heaving with 3D-spectacle wearing audiences on the edge of their seats.

And since many releases now give a 2D or 3D premium option, it’s hard to refuse the lure of the novelty.  I took my kids to see Pixar’s “UP”, the story of the adventurous little old man who ties balloons to his house and flies away to a life of adventure.  A few weeks later, we saw the new Disney animation of “A Christmas Carol” – again choosing the 3D version.

James Cameron – or Terminator and Titanic fame – has now entered the arena with his latest movie “Avatar”.  I’ve not yet seen the movie but the trailer looks unbelievable.  And of course, a mojor blockbuster movie just wouldn’t have street cred without its video game versions, which were all out in the shops in time for Christmas.

There’s no doubt that 3D versions of both games and movies are far more ‘immersive’ to the viewer – you feel like you’re part of the action, and the whole experience is heightened even more if you travel to an iMax cinema, where the 3D screens surrounds you and puts you ‘in’ the picture.  But it’s also clear that the bar is being set ever higher by greater use of this technology, and I just wonder what comes next in the race for box office figures?


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