Their own chance to shine

Over breakfast yesterday I watched with interest a television documentary on Peaches Geldof, daughter of Sir Bob of Live Aid fame.  The programme covered her “wild child” lifestyle, and I saw parallels with similar coverage of her mother, the late Paula Yates who was equally highlighted by the media.

The interviews showed Miss Geldof as devil-may-care, who in the vernacular of our parents and grandparents might have been described as “a flighty young thing”.  She described how she spent time in her New York apartment “to rest – London’s just so fast”; how her normal day would see her getting up “around ten or eleven” in the morning, then partying all night long.  But through the Transatlantic accent and , through the statements about engendering awkwardness in others because she found their reactions ‘interesting’, I saw a serious and dedicated young woman.  In her work for Nylon, the cult American style magazine she showed immense professionalism and a real talent for engaging with the public.

And for heaven’s sake – she’s only twenty years old.  The expectations of her as daughter of Bob Geldof must be unrelenting, and the expectation for her to display the same wild tendencies as her late mother is hugely unfair.  It made me think of other famous offspring – Donald Sutherland’s son Kiefer; Aaron Spelling’s daughter Tori; Ryan O’Neal’s daughter Tatum – not to mention our own young Royals.  If only the media could just think of them as personalities in their own right and give them a chance to grow up appropriately, they might all have their own chance to shine.


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