Undermining education by degrees

Whatever else this county might have done, whatever daft decisions the Government of the day may have made, one thing for which Britain has long been renowned around the world was the quality of our Universities.  Across the globe, British graduates are sought after and highly prized.

But that appears to be about to change as Gordon Brown’s ‘Business Secretary’ Peter Mandelson has outlined plans to turn Labour’s short-sighted slash and burn reform machine on our University system.  Gone, according to Lord Mandelson, will be our traditional three year degree courses.  Instead our degree courses will be just two years in length, in order to save just over half a billion pounds in costs.  Universities who recruited more students than were budgeted for by Government will be ‘fined’ almost four thousand pounds per additional place.

But why were these additional places offered? Simply because this Government introduced a target aspiring to fifty percent of young people in University.  It seems that our educational establishment was simply trying to meet this target, and like many Labour policies before it, the initiative was not thought through or costed.

(read the story in The Independent – click this link)

And once again, another great British tradition risks being destroyed by political intereference.


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