burning to travel to Copenhagen

As we watch the daily media coverage of the Copenhagen summit on climate change, doesn’t it seem odd that the clutch of world leaders in attendance probably travelled by plane, burning massive amounts of fossil fuel and doing irreparable damage to the ozone layer?

You’d think that these days such a summit could be conducted virtually using the huge amount of technology available to us.


3 Responses to burning to travel to Copenhagen

  1. Paul Francis says:

    It’s a reasonable point Kevin. But I wonder how many county councillors will be travelling in their cars alone from Kent’s farthest flung corners for Thursday’s full council meeting and will choose to eschew rather greener ways of travelling, like the train – or even the bus?

  2. Ray Parker says:

    Good point Kevin, might be a good idea to explain this to Alex King KCC’s answer to Judith Chalmers!

  3. […] a post about the environmental cost of herding world leaders together for the Copenhagen summit (Burning to travel to Copenhagen, Dec 7).  The post elicited comments from those who felt Kent County Council should look at its own CO2 […]

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