The Queen’s Speech – the election starts here

Today I attended the Regeneration and Transport Board of the Local Government Association in Westminster. The roads around the LGA in Smith Square were eerily quiet, as most were closed for the State Opening of Parliament.

And as we discussed the opportunities and challenges for local goverment presented by national Government policies, at 11.55 we watched the Royal Pennant slide down its flagpole at Westminster.

Inside, the Queen presented what for many was seen as quite a political speech which drew demarcation lines between Labour and Conservative. No less than thirteen new Bills as well as two new drafts in her seven minute oration.

It makes me wonder why just months from a General Election, the Government of the day is allowed to create such a burden of bureacracy with all the associated costs in time and taxpayer’s cash, to produce legislation which a new Government may, depending on its politics, then spend time and money to reverse.

Wouldn’t it be more sensible to hold a Constitutional moratorium on any new legislation in the last year of a full five year Parliamentary cycle?

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