£30,000 for Sandhurst traffic calming – let’s hope we don’t miss the deadline!

You’ll remember when the Connaught Park development transformed the old gasworks at the bottom of Sandhurst Road into a residential development? Did you know that when the planning application went through Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, the developers were asked to pay £30,000 towards traffic calming measures at the bottom end of Sandhurst Road.

Traffic surveys were done before the development was built, and are due to be done again ‘upon its completion’.  I noticed some months ago that if the Borough Council doesn’t feel traffic calming measures are needed, then within six months of the last occupation of a residential unit at Connaught, it must repay this £30,000 plus interest back to the developer.

I raised this issue months ago at the Joint Transportation Board, asking Kent Highways officers to prepare an options appraisal as a matter of urgency.  Given how long it took Lynne Martindale, Frank Williams and I to get a residential crossing built further along Sandhurst Road by the Robin Hood Pub, this would appear to be a great way to get another much needed pedestrian crossing down towards the bend of the road around the Oak Road or Clifton Road junctions.

I chased this up at the last meeting and was told that plans are being drawn up – let’s hope we don’t miss the deadline.


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