Parking Hell or Residential Heaven?

One of the perennial issues to come up year after year since I came to KCC back in 2001 is a formal residents’ parking scheme for Clifton Road and surrounding area.  I’ve met with local residents in Clifton Road, and seen for myself the selfish and inconsiderate parking by commuters using High Brooms station every day.  In Brook Road, cars and vans are indiscriminately left on corners, totally blocking visibility of those trying to turn out of adjoining residential roads.

The problem appears to be two fold.  Firstly, that whenever the issue is considered, Clifton Road is aggregated alongside many other roads which don’t have a problem.  So when a survey of need for a scheme is undertaken, hundreds of residents who don’t have a problem vote against a scheme, overwhelming those in Clifton and Brook Roads whose life is blighted by this problem.  Secondly, the system is such that if someone doesn’t vote at all, they’re counted in as an ‘against’.  So if five hundred residents are polled, two hundred vote for a scheme and fifty vote against, the other 250 who didn’t vote at all are added to the 50 ‘againsts’ and the vote is lost.

At the October Joint Transportation Board Borough Councillor Frank Williams and I argued that any future survey for a Residents Parking Zone for Clifton Road should be limited to residents from the immediate area.  The Board agreed that the local Members – Borough Councillors Frank Williams, Ted Jolley and Bob Mayall and myself – should be consulted on the area to be included in a residents’ survey.

It’s a small win, but this time it just might make the difference between parking hell and residential heaven for hundreds of local households.


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