Fiona Pilkington – restore the funding, remove the bureaucracy

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that the more exposure a tragic story receives, the more concerned the national politicians become?  As the tear-jerking details of Fiona Pilkington’s treatment at the hands of a local group of mindless yobs emerge daily from the inquest into death alongside her daughter in a burning car, so the indignation expressed by Government becomes ever more vociferous.

So why does this Government consistently underfund preventative services as if the issue were of no importance?  He said in an interview with the BBC that:

“It is the police’s job, along with the local authority and social services and housing and all the rest of it, to ensure that people are not driven to the kind of despair Fiona Pilkington was driven to.”

Why are local councils – County, Unitary, District and Borough – left reeling every year by savage Government funding cuts which curtail the services they can provide? Many local authorities have long since abandoned discretionary services and are struggling to provide decent statutory services, such as education, social care and road maintenance. Perhaps if the £2000 per household the Government takes off us every year in taxation to run 791 quangoes were given back to local government, the services of which Mr Johnson speaks could be provided.

It goes without saying that if our public authorities – social services, police, health and so on – didn’t have to provide and fund armies of staff to deal with Government regulation, monitoring and bureaucracy, maybe we could get back to having appropriate numbers of front line officers to prevent this kind of appalling event happening again.


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