Alarm and despondency

I love reading other people’s blogs.  There literally is something written about anything – and I was fascinated to read on the “Future Update” blogsite today about the new alarm clock from General Electric, the Snoozer Bruiser which will retail for just under thirty dollars.

It’s a small robot which sits on your bedside cabinet and at the allotted time, sensors will work out if you’re sleeping through the alarm.  If you are, it will begin beating you into consciousness.  It will also immediately set about you if you dare to hit the snooze button.  I also love the fact that this product comes in a choice of two colours – black or blue…

Well, it’s different – although if it were on my bedside cabinet there would be little bits of plastic all over the bedroom floor the first time it went into it’s Tyson-like routine.  Guaranteed to send you off to work in a foul mood.

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