“Swift and Decisive” Jungle Clearing

So today was the day; finally the French police moved in at daybreak to clear “The Jungle”, an illegal refugee camp in Calais.  But despite the ‘dawn raid’ by police in riot gear, around a thousand refugees ran away and are being sought by the authorities. Sixty vans of police managed to arrest just 278 refugees, most of them Afghans, of whom around half were teenagers.

The British Home Secretary Alan Johnson praised the French for their “swift and decisive action”.

Swift and decisive? But this site was first occupied over three years ago. How many illegal immigrants have used this as a stop off location en route to the UK in the back of a truck?

Surely “swift” would have been never to allow the camp to appear in the first place. Surely “decisive” would have been not to let three quarters of the illegal occupants slip away into the shadows?


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