Friends, health and a sense of humour

I approached my fiftieth birthday today with very mixed feelings. When I was in primary school we worked out how old we’d all be in the year 2000. Forty one seemed ancient, as to a group of ten year olds thirty seemed an impossibly old age. To us, the thought of being fifty was inconceiveable!

I watched rock singer Michael Bolton being interviewed on BBC Breakfast TV this morning. When asked about his trademark shoulder-length mullet hairstyle – now a respectable short back and sides – he commented that the only long hair he had nowadays was on his nose and his ears!

Strange thing is, I really don’t feel any older. A friend commented last week that we tend to think of people at the age they were when we met them, and there’s a lot of truth in that.

But a ‘decade birthday’ is a little like New Year’s Eve. It’s a time for reflection, for regrouping, and for new plans.

And to think that all those years ago at primary school, I used to laugh at ‘old people’ who told me the real prizes were friends, health and a sense of humour.

They were absolutely right…


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