A21 – another disappointment

Kent on Saturday A21 storyOne of the most welcome sights when driving back to Tunbridge Wells is when you drive round the sweeping curve on the A21 coming towards Sevenoaks.  Opening up before you is the Weald of Kent in all its glory.

Equally, there’s nothing more frustrating when rounding the bend past the Tonbridge turnoff into Castle Hill and seeing a huge queue of traffic – especially when you queue patiently only to find selfish morons driving past you over the chevrons just to get twenty yards further than you.

Past Pembury and over the Blue Boys roundabout, and the single lane stretch to the Lamberhurst bypass is another pointless bottleneck.  On Saturdays towards the coast, and Sunday afternoons towards London the traffic is often at a standstill.

So all the more reason why the Government should twin these two stretches of the A21.  They’ve been lobbied for years, from Archie Norman through Greg Clark, and by countless Borough and County Councillors not to mention residents.  In the last year or two it finally looked like progress was being made.

But in this week’s Kent on Saturday, a story on page 13 explains that, once again the scheme has been delayed – this time by the inadequacy of Government bureaucrats.  Once again thousands of drivers will have to endure delays and frustration simply because some pen-pushing officer has got it wrong. Again.

Why can’t we penalise these civil servants? Or better still, get rid of them and get someone in who knows what they’re doing.


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